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Windows 7 – End Of Life

Recently Microsoft issued EOL statement for Windows 7. Customers can for corporate & Business use get Windows 7 Professional Edition. Please contact us for further information.

Ransomware Issues

We are starting to see customers who are been hit by cryptolocker type ransomware virus’s. These becoming very difficult yo protect against. Customer using Storage Devices susch NAS unit for Backups will need to review there policies for backup process’s. Customer who are infected by these type of Virus’s are finding there Backups are also encrypted as theya re Mapped Drives to the PC or Server that recieved the Virus. Currently we are recommending not mapping Drives for NAS backup units as this will stop the virus from infecting the units. We also recommend using backup tape storage systems. So far tape drives are not infected by these type of Virus’s so we can restore from these backups and remove the virus.

Windows Updates – keep up to to Date!

Please make sure you keep your PC systems up to date each month. Windows updates should run automatically on windows 7/8/10 and they should be allowed to install. This helps stop vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of virus infection as well.

Anti Virus Software

Customers are recommended to update virus engine/Definitions daily to keep there systems as secure as possible.

Malicious Emails

If you have an email that you are not sure about please contact your IT centre or ourselves before opening the email or proceeding any further.


Urgent – Warning – Microsoft Exchange Servers CompromisedMarch 2021

Please contact us if you have a Microsoft Exchange server on Premise that has not been updated in the last Three months. Your data may well be compromised and at risk from external organisations using your data illegally. email –